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Lab Rats


A week ago today, Smyers and I had the honor and the privilege of testing out Saucony’s brand spanking new run lab. It did not disappoint! We arrived at Saucony mid-morning. The lobby area is like Candyland, full off all sorts of styles of shoes, not only from Saucony, but from Keds, Sperry and other members of the Collective Brands Family.

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I’m not gonna lie. It’s been a rough year. Typically at this time of year, I get a little blue; the leaves on the trees turn color, which, while stunningly beautiful, is really just a sign that we’re heading into a long, and usually brutal winter. Winter is a bit of a dreary time for a triathlete in Boston. More indoor cycling than you can shake a stick at, running in sleet, snow, slush and on ice. I’ve long believed that the tough conditions we have to face here in the winter make New England triathletes tougher than most, so I suppose it’s a blessing, but most definitely also a curse.

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Not Your Typical Race Week Blog


It’s race week in Kona. Not sure what tipped me off to that. Maybe it’s the little nip in the air that has returned to New England, indicating, in most years, that it’s time to head to the Big Island. Or maybe it’s the tidal wave of Tweets, and Facebook posts of all things lava rock, Lava Java, Hawi winds, Energy Lab runs, autograph signing advertisements, and fancy new race equipment that tipped me off.

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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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