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House of Pain

It was a day in the house of pain.

While it started with a nice, leisurely morning, waking to no alarm, walking the dog, lounging about, by about 1PM, it was time to head over to the House of Pain, aka, Harpoon Brewery. Now most would think of the Brewery as a neat tourist spot, a place to catch a

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An Apology, of Sorts

Hello readers....all 3 of you!

After my last post, my "Weight Room Rant", I got a lot of positive reaction and more than a few laughs. But I also got a single response that had me a little taken aback. One reader wondered if I’d gone too far - be it with sarcasm, perhaps the hint of improper

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Weight Room Rant

Dear Jerk-off At the Gym Who are Strong Enough to Leg press and Squat 10,000+lbs,

I understand that the steroid use may have gone to your brain, such that it doesn’t function properly any more, but try to play along with me here. I will use small words so you can keep up.

If you are GD strong

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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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