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Euphoria and Dismay

I am in San Diego, training for a few weeks. It sort of came together at the last minute; I was coming out here for my cousin’s wedding and happened upon an excellent training partner, Katja Schumacher who had an excellent place to stay and having spent her winter in NYC was equally as pale and

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Quick Update

I am out training in San Diego for a few weeks and I am like a pig in mud! Swimming outdoors, endless roads of beautiful riding, running along the coast watching the waves crash along the shore….I’ve just about died and gone to heaven here!

Along with the start of some good solid training come your little aches and pains…not to mention a saddle sore deserving of its own zip code….but things couldn’t be better!!

I’ve managed a few little breaks for some fun. My cousin was married on Friday, so we got to hang out for that. Then just this AM, I got to have breakfast with my good friend from Stanford, (and Choate) Linda Nel. Linda was in town, all the way from Basel, Switzerland and wouldn’t you know it…..staying at a hotel just a mile from where we are. We had a lovely Best Western breakfast before she headed out to pedal her petals ….Linda runs global marketing for Syngenta’s flower business.

Getting ready to head out the door for another ride. Loving it here!!!


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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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