Professional athlete and 3-time Ironman champion

Sneak Peek!

I got to see it myself last weekend at Kestrel HQ in Philly, and believe me when I say, it looks even cooler in person. Kestrel’s Steve Harad couldn’t keep the smile off his face while talking about the details of the new bike and moreover, how bloody fast it tested in the wind tunnel.

Can’t WAIT to mount this bad boy!!!


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A Tribute to Richard

RIP, Richard. Thank you for all you gave to so many.

(video courtesy of Richard’s sister)


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The Tragic End of an Era

Last weekend, I got the chance to spend some time with my parents. Dave was having some college buddies into town to play golf and be boys, so I vacated the house, took Riley with me and settled into the relative paradise we like to refer to as "Club 99" (for my parent’s address, 99 Mooncussers

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Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed

To the 4 loyal readers of my blog,

My apologies, but I had to shut down the "comments" feature on my blog. I seem to be under spam attack. I would be getting 57 comments to each blog, which is great. Problem being, only one or 2 were genuine comments. Most others were from SPAM-y sources, so to escape from the spam-a-razzi, I have disabled the comments feature from my blog.

If you wish to email me, you can still do so thru the "contact" section of my website.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience!


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Well, It Ain’t the New York Times!

But I appreciate the interest never the less!


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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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