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Germany So Far

So far (a mere 36 hours into my Germany trip), I have quite a list of things I like….and things I don’t like.

I like British Airways First Class seats. Nuff said.

I don’t like TSA. Luggage delayed. Luggage lost. Luggage found. Luggage delayed again. Luggage FINALLY delivered.

I like Ken Glah and Why would athletes travel any other way? Hassle free and so, SO helpful!

I like the local swimming pool, complete with water slide and wave pool.

I don’t like liverwurst. And no. I didn’t even try it. But I don’t like liver (though I’ve never had that either, but it just sounds gross) and why would anyone eat something with the word "worst" at the end of it? Just sounds like you are setting yourself up for trouble.

I like adventure. Riding German subway to shopping area. Locating select stores for essentials; toothbrush, toothpaste, clean underwear. Shopping for said essentials, not uttering a word of German, but pretending, as the German sales people talk at me, to be following along every step of the way. Just goes to show you how we, as people, have become so robotic in how we go about our day, that we pay very little attention to what people are saying, or if people are even listening.

I still don’t like TSA even though they did finally find my stuff.

I love that the hotel next door is called the Hotel Hamburger. I hear the Hotel French Fries and Milkshake, located just across town are lovely as well.

More adventures to come. For now….rest, rest, rest.

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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