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New Website and I Got Nuthin'


My new website!  WELCOME!

It's been a project for sure, made very easy by my new friends at Paradigm Marketing and Creative (  I found these guys because they had just helped my tri team, Team Psycho re-do it's website (  I thought the site looked good, so that was good enough for me!  Many thanks to Laurabeth and her team, and to my DaveyG who spearheaded the project for me on our side.  

With my new website up and running, I thought....I should say something on my blog!


Absolutely nothing came to mind.  I got nuthin'!  Maybe a case of writers block.  More likely a case of being in a bit of a funk.

Not starting in Melbourne was difficult.  If I look in the bright side, though, it was eye-opening as well.  Because we were "stuck" in Melbourne, unable to change our tickets home, DaveyG and I made the most of it and decided to become a part of the IronmanLive crew on race day.  We got an upclose look at the "behind the scenes" goings on at IronmanLive.  

To call it a sausage factory (the finished product is good, but you wouldn't want to see it made!) would be doing it a disservice.  I was, quite frankly, amazed by (and a little horrified by) the process.  Watching the Twitosphere on race day, Ironman Race Day Host, Greg Welch takes a heap of crap from a lot of you out there.  Shame on you!  Until you sit in the studio and watch what goes down on race day and the amazing job Greg does with what he's given?  Don't go pointing fingers.  I challenge you to sit in his seat and do better.  Does the IronmanLive broadcast rival the National Broadcasting Company's presentation of the Olympic Games?  No.  But I can guarantee you, Matt Lauer has a whole lot more to work with than our Greg Welch does.  In fact, at the end of the day, as DaveyG and I were leaving the IronmanLive broadcast studio, Dave shook his head and said, "That Welchy....he could talk about ketchup for twenty minutes if he had to."

Can Ironman do better to create a better broadcast?  Yes.  And they know it.  In the meantime, though, lay off know who you are.  So just stop it.


The other "benefit" to not racing was getting to meet Andrew Messick, the new head honcho at WTC.  Andrew was everywhere on race day; at the start, out on the course, and spent more than a little bit of time in the Ironman broadcast booth.  I was impressed with him; by his desire to learn what happens, by him learning what is right and what is wrong with the status quo, by his desire to prioritize and fix, not necessarily the things that need the most fixing first, but to fix the "easy things" and then figure out the best way to tackle the "hard things".  Mostly, I was impressed by the fact that, at the end of the day, when we bumped into him again by the finish line, that he stood with me and my DaveyG for well over and hour and asked us what we thought.  He asked what my life as a pro was like.  He asked about sponsors and how I went about trying to make a living in this sport.  And while I don't think he agreed with everything I said, there was not a single second of our conversation that I sensed he wasn't listening to what I had to say.  Change takes time.....more time than most of us would like, but from what I saw of Andrew Messick so far....that change is coming.  We all hope for the better for us as indviduals and for the sport as a whole.

So that's my "cup half full" update on what it was like to not race.  

And for now, I have to get out and enjoy a beautiful, brisk spring day in New England on my bike so that the next race day, Welchy will be talking about me from the broadcast booth and not to me in it!

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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