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Usually when I don’t blog for a while, it’s for one of 2 reasons. 1) I ain’t got nuthin’ good to say….. or 2) I got lots to say, but no time to say it properly.

In this case? Check box “B” (yes, I know I listed 1 and 2, and said check box B which is neither 1 or 2. It’s supposed to be ironical).

So indeed, as Elmer Fudd would say, “I’ve been vewy, vewy busy”….but I’m not hunting wabbits.

But I have had a lot going on.

So let’s backtrack.

Just over a week ago, we started at a Red Sox game. They played Cleveland, but I didn’t so much care about that as much as I did simply being at the ball park.

Have you been to Fenway? You should add it to your list of things to do before you die. It’s truly fantastic.

Fenway Park is just a wink over 100 years old. Sure….there have been updates and additions, but as far as ballparks go? It’s one of the classics. It was built in 1912 (did you think I was lying when I said it was just over 100 years old?), and was then rebuilt in 1934. It seats 37,493 at night, but strangely only 37,065 during the day. (I may have to look into why that is……).

In its first year, Fenway Park hosted recreational league and high school baseball games and did so until the 1950s.

Fenway is home to “The Green Monster” which is a term of endearment for its left field wall, which stands 37 feet tall. A manual scoreboard is set into the wall, and while most ballparks have converted over to the more modern electronic scoreboards, Boston rolls old school even to this day. There is Morse Code that appears from top to bottom along the American League scoreboard. That code represents the initials of former Red Sox owners Jean and Thomas Yawkey.

Anyway, there are about a million and 6 really cool factoids about Fenway and to be in the park at a game is second to none. It’s just plain cool. The fact that our good friends, the Rubins have SICK seats is also a nice perk.  Thank you, Gary!


See how close we are? That’s Big Papi! If you don’t know who Papi is, SHAME ON YOU, and get thee to Google ASAP.

So after our awesome night at Fenway, it was up and at ‘em early for a Team Psycho group ride. I hadn’t gotten to a team ride in a while and afterwards, I realized how much I missed it! Crazy surges, silly town line sprints (where Barney established himself as the tallest midget (and in using the term midget, I am not speaking poorly of people who are small in stature….it is only a matter of speech…implying that Barney was winning all the town line sprints against people who either 1) don’t care or B) can’t sprint (see? There I did it again….mixing up 1, 2, 3 and A, B, C….sneaky!)). By the end of the ride, my legs were shot, and my stomach hurt from laughing so much. Good fun.

We scurried home (we, because DaveyG came on his first Team Psycho ride and made me proud as a peacock!) after the ride because it was DATE NIGHT! I even put on a dress! DaveyG and I went out for a pre-Anniversary date, since (as I’ll get to in a minute), I am (again) missing our Anniversary. We went to fancy pants Grill 23, and ate remarkable food and drank some really incredible wine that we probably shouldn’t have splurged on, but what the heck? To compensate on the overindulgence on wine, we skipped dessert.

OK…that’s a lie. We skipped dessert because they didn’t have cheesecake. What kind of self-respecting steak place doesn’t have New York Style Cheesecake on the dessert menu? It was really all I wanted, and since they didn’t have it….we skipped it.

Date night over, the next morning, the alarm went off early. Like 4AM early. Ouch.

I had a plane to catch.

Starting a new chapter, as they say.

I am in Santa Monica, training with Siri Lindley and her amazing squad.

This wasn’t a decision I made easily or quickly. In fact, there was much debate for a long time. Not because I didn’t have full faith in Siri, but because I had a really great thing with Karen too. As such, I felt “stuck” …how does one choose between great and great?

Long, and not particularly interesting story later, here I am. And every day, when Siri asks, “Do you love it?” …..I have to answer…..yes. I really do. I may not “love it” at that very moment because the legs and lungs are screaming louder than Siri’s “Do you love it?”….but as I rode today with Bek and Bullet (and trust me folks….she’s called Bullet for a reason…..), all I could think was that I was just happy to be here. Happy that Siri would invest in me after a really “rough patch” (which is euphemism for 18 months of suck, a bad crash, 6 months of crash rehabilitation, a really heartbreaking injury, and 2 more months of injury rehabilitation). Happy to be inspired by my squadmates (and by inspired, I mean getting my ass handed to me 16 different ways….in warm up). And happy to be in this amazing place.

Amazing place. Amazing coach. Amazing squad.   I am seriously outclassed here, and am just faking it and hoping no one notices for a while.

I have an awesome homestay, who, in his own right is a VERY legit triathlete (who took part in handing me my ass on a ride today…..some hospitality, huh?! ).

And all is well, aside from missing DaveyG and Riley the Wonderdog so much it physically hurts.

There is so much this awesome place has to offer, and one day, if I am not smashed by 5:30 PM from all the training, I’ll go explore some more…but for now, here are some clips from my adventures so far!

Endless climbs bring amazing rewards with views that make your jaw drop. (I was glad to have a photo of this one because when I was there in person, my eyes were crossed from the mountain I'd climbed on a "easy, chatty ride".  At least now, I can remember the view!


Ocean swims!  No dolphins yet, but also no sharks, so you give a get a little!!


You meet all kinds of "FREAKS" in LA!


Chasing the Bullet all over the place and holding on for dear life!


And having a lot of laughs!

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Stay tuned. This new chapter is feeling like a real page turner!

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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