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Looking Back on My First Month With SELTS


Well, here I am again. The Admiral’s Club in LAX. As I strolled in this morning, after my regular TSA pat, courtesy of my Norma Tec recovery boots looking….um…..atypical as carry on luggage, I was reminded of the last time I was camped out here in the Admiral’s Club, LAX… was en route home from my ill fated trip to Australia earlier this year. DaveyG and I were cross eyed we were so tired, and at the time, I was despondent, uncertain of my racing future, broken (again) and generally speaking, in a big funk.

Fast forward 2.5 months, and I am back here with a whole new outlook and an all new perspective, reinvigorated and more positive than I’ve been in a long time.

I’ve spent the last month training with Siri Lindley and her squad in Santa Monica. And what a time we’ve had!

I moved out to LA, feeling a little anxious and uncertain. My fitness wasn’t great. I’d been back running only a couple weeks. I had no race plans. I was starting with a new coach. New teammates.

From day 1, I had so much cause to smile.

I stayed with an incredible homestay, Steven P. I have to take a minute here, to thank Steven and frankly, anyone who has ever offered a homestay to a homeless athlete! Steven opened his house to me for the past month, freeing me of the financial burden of renting a place. Makes you want to pay it forward in a huge way. In exchange, Steven also handed my ass to me on a training ride. Some hospitality, eh? Steven will be racing Ironman Coeur d’Alene in a few weeks time, so if you see him out on the course, give him a shout out for me. HE’s a great athlete, and an even better person for the support he showed to me during my first training stint in LA!

Back to training; there was so much to choose from!


There is swimming......



(post swim vomit edited are welcome).


There is biking.....



And not "just biking".


We climbed.....


 And climbed......


And when we thought we were done climbing?  We climbed some more!


And then we ran.....



When all was said and done?  We got some much needed downtime.



(PS - anyone who tells Riley the Wonderdog that I was loving on another dog gets unfriended.  Are we clear?  How could I not?  Look at how sweet little Sophie is!)

Every day, I found a reason to smile (some days, amongst near tears of exhaustion), but over the past month, I’ve felt fitness coming back into my body. I wondered, a month ago, if I’d ever feel like an athlete again. Slowly….SLOWLY, it’s happening.

I have an awesome race season planned, and am encouraged. It’s a long road ahead; much work still to be done but I am out there….every day…..I’m LOVING IT!

I am heading home because DaveyG is racing at EAGLEMAN 70.3 this weekend and I couldn't be more excited to cheer him on!  He's been working so hard and is ready to crack a great one!  Plus, it's interesting to be on "the other side" of a race for a change; playing role of supporter instead of racer!  I will toe the line, but in the AquaBike....I could cover the distance, but until I am ready to cover it, and rip it up?  .....Coach Siri says "Patience".....and so far, she's been spot on!  I'm all in!  So we swim, we bike, and we RACE soon.....but now?  Patience...and optimisim for what's to come!

Looking forward to a weekend of giving some support back to DaveyG, then a few days home with him and Riley the WD...before we head out for chapter 2.  Stay's a page turner!




Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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