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Rest Day, Blog Day


First rest day (minus this mornings 5K swim smashfest) in a while that didn’t include a transcontinental flight means time for a blog!


It’s been a crazy few weeks.


I left Camp Sirius 10 days ago for a quick trip home. My DaveyG was racing Eagleman 70.3 and I wouldn’t miss it for the world! I opted for the Aqua Bike (coach’s orders!) as a way to assess fitness, bust some rust, and get in a good hard training day while supporting DaveyG.


My trip to Balitmore was uneventful. SO great to see my DaveyG. We got to the hotel, got bikes together before room service arrived and were delightfully off to sleep by 10PM.


The next day; pre race! Funny how 13.1 little miles of running can make such a big difference in pre-race stress levels. I was calm and cool as a cucumber! DaveyG, on the other hand? Well….he tried to hide it well. He tried not to think about it. But he lost about 16 different pieces of equipment in about 12 hours, forgot how to do very basic things….all, the result of some pre-race jitters. Considering it was his second ever 70.3? I’d say he handled it like a champ.


At transition in the morning, I was united with some Saucony teammates.



I found a lucky lady bug (which I gave away to my best gal pal, MBK….I am sure that cracker race performance MUST have been the lucky lady bug! (watch out IM-CDA girls…MBK is on FIRE!))



My DaveyG finished with an impressive 15 minute PR! And even more impressive? Less than an hour from the finish if his race, we were packed up and heading back to the airport (minus the shower….that’d have killed our transition time!).


We arrived home in time to spring Riley from camp. She was happy to see me….but I think I am the one who might have peed a little from the excitement!


No rest for the weary……Monday morning long run! (but at least I had the Wonderdog to help me cool down).



All sorts of activities during my 72 hours at home.


We had date night at the most amazing Cirque du Soleil. I’d include pictures, but you aren’t allowed to take any. What with performers dangling themselves and 3 of their fellow performers from a trapeze 30 feet off the ground, using only an eyelash to hold on….just amazing.



Then a quick Saucony photo shoot in the Boston Public Garden……

screen shot 2012-06-15 at 10.55.19 pm


Complete with my new pretty Kestrel 4000…..

pretty kestrel.jpg-large


Checked in with my strength coach who is keeping me on the road of being healthy, balanced and strong…..



Checked in with my PT to make sure my back is happy, healthy and strong…..


All that on top of some 12+ hours of training, and poof!


It was time to say goodbye again.




And saying goodbye to Riley was like skipping thru daisy fields on a bright sunny day compared to saying goodbye to my DaveyG.


…..but it’s still great to be back at Camp Sirius.


Hills (bike)……

screen shot 2012-06-18 at 4.31.08 pm


Hills (run)…….

screen shot 2012-06-18 at 4.31.45 pm


Getting stronger every day…..and LOVING IT!


Up soon? Race day, WITH the 13.1 at the end!! It’s time!

Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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