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The turkey is done.  The pies devoured.  And just a couple glasses of wine to wash it all down and it’s all settling nicely in the belly!  I nailed Thanksgiving this year.  Pleasantly full.  Not obscenely stuffed. 

DaveyG and I celebrated a near-perfect Thanksgiving day today; apart from family and friends, mind you, but together and appreciative for all our blessings; even after a tough year.

It’s no lie; 2012 hasn’t been terribly kind to us.  I’ve spent valuable time rehabbing injury after injury this year.  I had some great race opportunities, and some tough ones as well.  DaveyG spent most the year looking for a new job; both a great opportunity, but at times, a great frustration.  In short?  We’ve weathered a lot this year.  But are still so, so thankful.

This year, I am thankful for 12 years of blessed marriage to this wonderful man who has my back thru thick and thin.




I am thankful this year, for having gone from this…….




To this…….


swim start


I am thankful for a great new coach……..




New assistant coaches……..



An awesome new squad……..




That includes new BFFs……..


gals copy


And a few old ones as well………




I’m thankful for some great celebrations we’ve had this year……..




Thankful for new adventures I’ve had……..




Thankful for new friends…….




And missing some old ones……






I’m thankful for trusted confidants & great friends…….




I’m thankful for unconditional love…….




Blessed with wonderful parents…….




And looking forward to moving on to 2013 with a great team of friends, family, sponsors (old and new….stay tuned!!) and a great opportunity to live a life full of passion.


Happy Thanksgiving.



Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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