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Some Are Old, Some Are New. One Is “Borrowed”, And One Is Blue!


Often referred to as “the four somethings”, the poem “something old, something new, something borrowed something blue,” represents good luck tokens for a bride. 

Now, ……I haven’t been a bride in some years, nor do intend to ever again….but I am all about a little luck where I can get it, and the poem is a fitting way to announce my awesome sponsors for 2013 and beyond!

But back to the poem.  Each item in the list represents a token of good luck.

“Something old” represents the bride’s family, and her past.  It represents loyalty to that past, familiarity and comfort.  For me, my sponsors are very much like family.  I’m very particular about the products I endorse and the companies and people I try to work with.  They are brands and products I believe in, and over the years, I have appreciated their loyalty and support to me.  Like family, you go thru life; thick and thin!

“Something new” refers to a token representative of the future; an item from the groom’s family, perhaps.  It’s meant to symbolize good fortune in the future; looking ahead to happy times and good prosperity and luck.  This year, I have added a couple of new sponsors that I am certain will make the future bright!

“Something borrowed” is meant to remind the bride that she can always count on family and friends; that they’ll always have her back and will help out in a pinch.   Triathlon is no doubt, an individual sport (though with some of the drafting that goes on in this day and age…one does have to start to wonder…but I digress).  However, there is still a massive team component to it.  Just like my years as a swimmer, one of the most valuable experiences I think I’ll come away from triathlon with, when that time comes, are the relationships I’ve built with teammates.  Teammates in the form of training partners, coaches, physios, massage therapists, etc.  And just like the “something borrowed” intention of the poem, I like to think that my teammates know I got their back, and I know they’ve got mine!  More on that in a bit…..

“Something Blue”?  Well, that is meant to represent the purity of the Virgin Mary, who is often depicted wearing blue.  As far as the applicability to sponsors?  Well…there really isn’t any, but it worked for the blog, so just keep reading......

My sponsors for 2013 and beyond represent everything this poem has to offer.  Trusted oldies but goodies, exciting newbies, a little help from some friends, and….yes, something Blue.  And from this blog to God’s ears; hopefully the bundle brings a little bit of luck for 2013!  I, of course, am doing my part to make 2013 an awesome year, but if the past few years have taught me anything; a little luck never hurt!



Saucony tops the list this year as my footwear and apparel sponsor.  This will be my 7th year with Saucony.  The Lexington, MA based Saucony continues to turn out some of the best, most comfortable and most attractive footwear and apparel in the triathlon market.  Our team is a tight knit one.  It truly feels like family.  I cherish my relationship with Saucony.  Being so close to the corporate headquarters makes me feel extra-specially  a part of the team.  So in 2013, I will continue to #FindMyStrong.

Also amongst the “old” is Infinit Nutrition.  I met Michael Folan, Infinit’s Founder and President, in 2007.  My friend Karen Smyers had met Michael at an expo.  She knew I’d been having awful GI problems in nearly every race I’d done.  She spoke with Michael at length.  Michael and I had a conversation and he promised to whip me up a batch.  He brought me product to the 2007 Chicago Triathlon.  I was about 6 weeks out from Kona and was nervous to try something “new” so late in the season, with Kona being my first race with the product.  Michael asked me to trust him.  …and I did, to the tune of a 7th place finish in Kona that year; my first top-10.  Since that first mix, I’ve barely touched my formula.  Adjusted sodium a touch, and tinkered with flavors and a bit of caffeine, but in all?  The stuff is just that good.  No 2 people are alike, so why should we eat and drink the same stuff?  My answer, and Infinit’s answer is……we shouldn’t!



Also amongst “the old” are The University Club of Boston, TYR, Shimano, NormaTec, Cobb Cycling, Oakley, Fuel Belt, Compu Trainer, and SRM.  And let’s not forget key partnerships with Team Sirius, Fast Splits MultiSport , Trigger Point Performance Therapy, and PCH Sports Marketing.

In my “new” category, I’ll take liberty to smoosh “new” and “borrowed” into one category (it is my blog, after all)!  You see, my good friend and SELTS training partner, Rebekah Keat is sponsored by XLAB.  When I was living with Keatsy this past summer, she received a huge shipment of the coolest, lightest, most functional bike nutrition and hydration products on the market.  The products are of the highest quality, the highest function and convenience, and if I’m being honest?  It just looks cool.  I had long used an XLAB Turbo Wing and loved it.  I asked Bek for the contact information at XLAB just to say hello and give massive praise for their awesome products.  I then shamelessly asked if they’d be interested in sponsorship.  Much to my delight, they said yes.  So it’s with great pride and enthusiasm that I add XLAB to my list of sponsors for 2013.  Thanks, Keatsy for letting me “borrow” one of your sponsors, and thank you XLAB for bringing me aboard, “new” in 2013!




Finally, there’s something Blue!  One of my most exciting new sponsors for 2013 is Blue Competition Cycles.  The Triad SL is simply dreamy.  Fierce.  Wicked cool.  Lightening fast.  Stealth.  The list of superlatives goes on and on and on.  Add to that, a champion CEO, Steven Harad……I simply couldn’t resist.  I’ve worked with Steve “Sally” Harad since 2008.  He joins Blue in an effort to build this small, but amazing brand into a bike powerhouse.  They’ve got the bike to do it, and now they have the ownership, leadership and management to do it.  I am thrilled to be a part of their extraordinary plans for 2013 and beyond.  #RideBlue!


new bike


That does it!   Something old, something new, one is “borrowed”, and one is Blue.  Together with some hard work and just a little bit of luck?  We’ll see you at the races!  Thanks to my great team of sponsors, my amazing coach and my husband, DaveyG, whose unwavering support and patience with this crazy lifestyle makes this all possible…and worthwhile!



Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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