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Where Are We?


Where are we?  It is a common question for many a pro-triathlete who lives out of a suitcase and chases the summer, chases ideal training environments, and chases points.  You wake up somewhere after planes, trains and automobiles and wonder, “Where am I?”

I’ve had that a lot lately.  I spent the summer living first, at the Hotel Cunningham, then in Siri’s “Granny Flat” (in part because I’m the only one on the squad whose age warrants it), then was home for a bit, then to race Lake Placid.  Then to the Cape.  Then home. Then back to the Granny Flat, then off to Tahoe, then home to Boston, then to the Hotel Cunningham, and finally, yesterday……”home”.  I did wake up this morning and wonder quite literally, “where are we?”

But more figuratively, I wanted to offer an update to so many of you who have been so helpful and so kind to us; to let you all know where we are.

Yesterday, we closed on our new Boulder home and it was with mixed emotions.




The house itself is gorgeous and we are madly in love with it.  For starters….it’s a whole house.  Like ….a WHOLE HOUSE!  Sounds crazy, but at the (old) age of 43, I’ve never lived in a house…..except my parent’s house.  So having a whole house instead of an apartment, a condo, or a townhouse….it feels so…..grown up.  Plus, our new home is brand new.  Like….so new that as I type, I can still get a fumes headache from all the fresh paint and new carpet. 

The home is exquisitely built, and has a HERS Index rating of a 57.  For those of you diving to Google to find out what the heck a HERS score is, …..a 57 is kick-ass and means that we will have very low energy bills and that we are massively environmentally friendly which makes us feel both richer, and better.

I love our house.  But still, as I sat there at closing…..I felt the weight of the world sink down on my shoulders.  This transition has been far from the joyous process we were anticipating it to be. 

So many of you know our story.  Thanks to so many of you, and your ability and willingness to forward, retweet, text and share my last blog, it seems a whole lot of people have heard about and have taken action on our behalf.  For that, we are eternally grateful.

Over the past week, we’ve heard from so many people.  SO many.  Many were good friends and not to take that for granted, but you kind of expect (or at least hope) for that.  But then we heard from many old friends.  Childhood friends.  High school friends.  College friends.  Business school friends.  Many of whom I hadn’t spoken to in ages, but who heard what had happened and got in touch to share their networks with us.

And then there were the perfect strangers.  “My wife’s cousin’s child’s grammar school teacher read Dede’s blog.  You got screwed.  How can I help?”.   

And “Your resume arrived in my inbox, forwarded 11 times , bouncing thru 4 different states, and arriving to me.  I run a software start-up in Boulder.  How can I help?”. 

And one of our favorites, “I got your resume from 7 different people.  ….who are you?”

And then there was, “ I have a database of about 100 technology start-up CEO’s; would you mind if I forwarded your resume to all of them?”

And then there are a few that are truly amazing,  “I am unemployed as well, but let’s meet for coffee and compare notes and share resources.”  …..from a perfect stranger!

For as disheartened as we were by the carelessness and disrespect of the actions of people 2 weeks ago, we are bolstered by the hundreds of leads we’ve gotten from so many in the past weeks.

So here’s where we are.  We closed on our home, yet I still find myself referring to things happening in Boston as “back home…..”.  That will change.

Our house is empty as our truck is somewhere in Pennsylvania, I think.  We have a mattress and a couple duffel bags, leaving us to feel like we’re living in more of a really expensive flophouse than our dream house!  But that will change too.

And when Dave is not nose down in his computer, responding to emails and scouring company websites and job postings, he’s out for coffee meetings (today; 8:30, 9:30, 11, 1, 2 and 3:30… which I suggested he switch to decaf after 9:30), or on calls and we are cautiously optimistic that the wrecking ball that swung thru our lives 2 weeks ago has made way for a clean slate, and the hope that better things are to come.  No offers yet, but a whole lot of new and interesting people doing really, really cool stuff!

Thru you, we’ve been introduced to in an incredible network of amazing companies and people.  We’ve found a brand new community in Boulder and one we’re proud to call home.

While I wouldn’t wish the events of the last 2 weeks of our lives on anyone, I will say that we have both come away from this experience forever changed by the kindness of others.  Life got pretty awful there for a while and what was done to us thru the carelessness and unprofessionalism of others has been overturned by the tidal wave of support from friends, old and new, and from the help of perfect strangers.

If ever there has been a lesson in “Pay it Forward”, this has been it.  Dave and I have always been mindful to pay it forward, to do unto others as you would have them do to you and all that jazz.  But now?  After these past weeks?  It’s not only something we’ll be mindful of….it’s how we’ll try to live each and every day.

As I tweeted this week, we may still be up shit’s creek without a paddle, but at least now we feel like we’ve got a boat.  Thank you all for your help.  Each and every one of you are truly amazing.

Dave and I joked that when he lands a new and better job offer than the one that was taken from him, we're going to throw a party for all of you who helped.  We want to put faces to the names of all of you who have forwarded on Dave's resume, called to network, offered feedback on positioning himself in this new market.  We want, simply, to say thank you.

.....but first we need a job...and then we need our furniture!


Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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