Professional athlete and 3-time Ironman champion

Where You Done Been At?


“Wow.  Dede?  Are you still racing?  I mean….as a pro?”

This was the honest question posted to me by a woman this past weekend at Timberman 70.3.

Can’t say I blame her. 

So where have I been?

Welp?  Let’s just cut to the chase.


February 24:  Bad News:



All of March?  Therapy That Didn’t Work:



Enter, The King of Pain Who Saved The Day:



He Made Me Cry When He Did This:






And Then I Did This:



And Started This:



Until I Got To Here:



And With Siri's Help, Decided This:



And On August 17, I Did This:

0778 013254


And This:

0778 024129


And This:

0778 014962


And Finally Wound Up Here:

0778 037223


But I didn’t get there alone.  I want to thank my coach, Siri, and my squadmates, for pushing and pulling me thru.  And Marlene, Dr. Metzl, and Matt for your incredible knowledge and care.  And to Amy, Erin and Kris, for keeping me together, sometimes with duct tape!  Thanks so much.

And to my amazing sponsors; Saucony, Blue, Shimano, ROKA, Zone, Reynolds, Hutchinson, Norma Tec, Infinit Nutrition, Cobb Cycling, Rudy Project, Rally Sport and Fitness, Compu Trainer and XLAB, we’re back in action!

And finally to Piper, my smile maker, and DaveyG, my rock….there continue to be no words of thanks that would add up to enough.

Conquering setbacks is like crossing monkey bars….you have to let go at some point to move forward.  And letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather, coming to terms with the way things are and moving forward to what still could be.



Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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