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Courage Under Fire


If you Google “Life’s Most Stressful Events”, you’ll find various lists of things that suck.  While no 2 lists are exactly identical, most of them have very similar components:


Selling a house.

Losing a job.

Check.  Check.  Check.

This past Friday, I sat in my condo in Panama

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Where Are We?


Where are we?  It is a common question for many a pro-triathlete who lives out of a suitcase and chases the summer, chases ideal training environments, and chases points.  You wake up somewhere after planes, trains and automobiles and wonder, “Where am I?”

I’ve had that a lot lately.  I

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Asking the Universe for a Favor


Just when you think the sh*t storm has passed and skies are clearing, you venture out, without the security of your umbrella and get dumped on all over again.

Things were going well in the Griesbauer camp.  My training was super, I was healthy and had strung together some solid races.  Not

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Back to Boulder, Back to Work


I arrived back in Boulder yesterday and am back to work!

I’ve ben gone a month, and it’s great to be back to my home away from home; back with my squad and my coach and back into a routine.

I’ve gotten some emails from folks saying, “Where’s your Lake Placid Race Report?”.  Quite

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Can't Sleep on Planes


It stinks not being able to sleep on an airplane.  Especially when you are so tired, you feel like you are bleeding from your eyeballs.

But my suffering is for your benefit, oh faithful blog reader (and by that I mean the single one of you out there!) because I have some time for an update.

I am

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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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