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Sloth-like Living

I guess that’s what the off season is all about, right? Acting like a sloth for at least a good couple weeks??! I guess it drifts into all aspects of life, including updating my website! Oops.

It’s been a whirlwind several weeks since I last posted.

I made my way to Clearwater for 70.3 Worlds.

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On the Road Again.....

Well, it’s that time of year when, seemingly, as soon as you arrive home, catch up on laundry and bill paying, it’s time to start packing up again to head out to the next race. You get in a rhythm of sorts, where, while the first race of the season takes days to pack up for, by the end of the season, such tasks become rote. The stuff you need seems to jump in the bag without even being asked.

Sometimes, even things that don’t belong…like furry, 4-legged friends. My poor Riley knows what suitcases mean. This time of year, she comes to wish there was room for her!

Not this time, girl! But in just a few more days, the 2008 race season will be over and there’ll be more time for longer walks, ear scratches and games of tug-o-war with your favorite rope bone! Just a few more days…….


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Remember to Say Thank You

Life gets busy some times. So busy, in fact, that we forget common graciousness.

It occured to me recently that I sent out a long race report about Hawaii and at the end, thanked Dave, thanked sponsors, thanked my coach, Karen.

There’s one person I left out.

My friend, Micha.

Micha Ramsey is my Team Psycho teammate and azz kick triathlete, my web designer, the creator of my logo and the woman who is a good enough friend to help me ("help" meaning she does it all) update my website.

I forgot to thank Micha for all her work all year in helping me to get this website up and runing and in helping me keep it updated.

If anyone ever needs web help, Micha has a knack for it. And if you can believe it, does it all "on the side" when she’s not busy being wicked smart smart, person whose job is so complicated I can’t understand the half of it.

For all your web and graphic help, you can contact Micha at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Be happy, be well! Dede


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Now That the Dust Has Settled.....

The last several days have been sort of a blur, but the chafe marks, sun burn and still occasional muscle zinger are reminders enough that Ironman 2008 has officially come and gone!

I am home now, and while the idea of sitting by the water’s edge in Hawaii, sipping mai tais is rather appealing, I

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What Day Is It?

Race day +2 and while I have the chafe marks, sunburn and occasional muscle aches, pains and zingers to prove that the race is done....the last 3 days have been a total blur. We are sitting, bleary eyed, in LAX having just climbed off the red eye and are waiting for our flight to Boston. I am not even really sure what day it is any more!

I will post a better race report in a day or two when I can think more clearly....going on day 4 with no sleep (pre-race was the hourly roll-over "is it time yet?", then race night, everything hurt and I just couldn’t sleep. Ditto Sunday night. Then last night, sleeping in a chair didn’t really do it for me....).

Still, I wanted to share another message from home. I think she’s a little biased, but she still made me smile! Thanks to you all for your emails, FB posts and phone messages! I really appreciate the support!


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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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