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Slowtwitch Interview

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Winter Racing

Living in Boston where it’s snowy, cold and for lack of a better word, miserable, for much of winter, we (the collective Boston tri community) are forced to come up with ways to amuse ourselves. For my triathlon team, Team Psycho, most the time that means drinking beer and we do a good job of

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A Sad Day


Winter is a tough time of year. The days are short, the sun doesn’t seem to shine as brightly or as often. It’s cold, and windy and at times it can be downright miserable.

Psychologists agree. Midwinter weather wears you down. Holiday credit card bills start rolling in and you find you are already breaking your New Year’s Resolutions. It can almost be too much to handle.

Apparently so for our little fish Blu. I went to feed the Blu fish this morning and instead of our perky little blue beta fish, I found a floating ball of blue fuzz at the bottom of his tank.

Winter claims another victim.

R.I.P., little Blu fish.


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My Own Mother Thinks I’m Nuts!

"The Cape Cod Times"


Linda Trimble sounded like she was about half kidding when she described her daughter, Dede Griesbauer, as "incredible, but kind of

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What a Day!

One day last week, I had the opportunity to spend the day at Saucony. A part of the Stride Rite Corporation, Saucony is located in Lexington, MA, just 15 minutes or so from me.

Karen and I were invited for the day, and we started our meetings with Sharon Barbano who is Vice President in charge of

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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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