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The turkey is done.  The pies devoured.  And just a couple glasses of wine to wash it all down and it’s all settling nicely in the belly!  I nailed Thanksgiving this year.  Pleasantly full.  Not obscenely stuffed. 

DaveyG and I celebrated a near-perfect Thanksgiving day today; apart from

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Compu Trainer City Season


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Of course, I’d hoped for later. But this morning? November 5? It snowed in Metro Boston. Not much, mind you. But some. Enough to make the morning news. Enough to make me realize that winter is all but here. Enough to make me just a little bit sad.

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Update on Riley the Wonderdog


It’s been a rough week for Team Griesbuer.

When I returned home from Santa Monica a few weeks ago, I noticed Riley was acting a little strange.  Keep in mind that part of being a “crazy” pet parent means thinking even the slightest hiccup is strange.  I am in NO way trying to imply that

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Well That Was Certainly Unexpected.


One week ago, as I began to focus on the imminence of Ironman New York City, I’d say my expectations were modest. I’d pledged to focus only on myself. Bottom line, I didn’t care where I finished amongst the others, I simply wanted to execute a solid, clean race and see where my fitness

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Breaking Up is (no so) Hard to Do.


“I don’t need to see you again.”

In other circumstances, that might cause one to well up. Feel rejected. Feel alone.

But in this particular case, sweeter words were never spoken.

Over a year ago, now, my world came crashing down, along with my broken body. I lay in a hospital bed,

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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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