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3 Week Summary


So behind in blogging, it’s actually stressing me out. Well….not really. It’s a blog after all. There are 4 people who read it and I am fairly certain that the world is still spinning just fine on it’s axis despite the fact that I haven’t spouted off in a while.

So rather than rehashing

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What Have I Done to my Husband?


It all started with a little too much wine one night.

I got a little devilish and decided to enter DaveyG in the Ironman Kona lottery without telling him. I giggled…….cackled to myself as I filled in all his information and hit “submit”.

While it seemed funny at the time, I realized

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Memories of a Training Partner and Coach (now retired)


The first thing I remember about her is her laugh. It was infectious.

The second thing I remember about her was her pure speed in the 100 back. I couldn’t match it.


The third thing I remember about her is the fact that she couldn’t hold that speed for a 200. And I was happy for that.


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From Wobble Legged Foal to Best Run Workout in a Day


Ever have a morning where you wake up and wonder, “How in the H-E-Double L am I going to get out of bed; never mind, get thru this day?”


I had one on Thursday. (and again on Friday, but since I started this blog on Thursday, let’s deal with that one first….)


But somehow, I am less

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Rest Day, Blog Day


First rest day (minus this mornings 5K swim smashfest) in a while that didn’t include a transcontinental flight means time for a blog!


It’s been a crazy few weeks.


I left Camp Sirius 10 days ago for a quick trip home. My DaveyG was racing Eagleman 70.3 and I wouldn’t miss it for the

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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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