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Because Even Plan "B" Sometimes Goes Wrong

So the saga did not end with (insert bike shop name here) and Headset Boy. Oh, no. That would have been far too simple.

I arrived in Brazil, reasonably without issue. Made my way through Sao Paulo OK. My connection to Florainapolis was on time. Easy peazy.

I unpacked my bike and on Tuesday

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So Much for Planning!

Plan all you like…life rarely goes according to plan.

I am en route to Ironman Brazil, but before Brazil, we made a quick trip to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding. It’s the last wedding for that side of the family and promised to be a blow out, so we certainly weren’t going to miss it! Of

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After a long Ironman build, there’s nothing like testing your fitness with a 3-day suffer fest with one of the best tri teams in the world. This past weekend was just that….Team Psycho Weekend. 3 days of trading barbs, surges, and a limerick or two with some of the best triathletes going.

To add

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The Unsung Hero

I am sitting here on a fairly dreary spring day in New England, waiting for the roads to dry out so I can head out for a little 6 hour spin. Sitting around beats tackling the compu trainer for 6 hours!

Dave, on the other hand, would rather enjoy the sunny part of the day out of the golf course, so he’s gotten on the compu trainer to get his training done so he can go whack a little white ball around a big, grassy field. I have to be honest…’s kind of fun watching him sweat and suffer for once!

Of course, the constant in all of this sweating, suffering, pedaling, grunting and groaning is the best training partner ever. The one who will hang on for as long as you want, who won’t ever complain about the pace, how much you sweat, or when you occasionally let out an f-bomb because the workout seems too dang hard.

Cheers to the Unsung Hero, the consummate training partner, and (wo)man’s best friend! …..but maybe I am giving her too much credit. It’s equally likely she’s just hoping a treat will fall out of the compu trainer!!


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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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