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Humpty Dumpty

I wrote an email to a good friend, and decided it wasn’t half bad, so I’ve morphed it into a blog update. Edited of course; I have to impose SOME sort of filter. I mean…I’m gonna need a "real" job some day, and employers will likely be able to get a hold of this blog, once a plunk it out into

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Ironman Germany "Race" Report

Life never turns out the way you think. Sometimes, you get lucky and it’s better. Other times? Not so much.

Not sure I can really call this a "race" report, because there wasn’t much racing involved. But here goes.

In the 7 weeks since Ironman Texas, I’d worked really hard to make some smart

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Germany So Far

So far (a mere 36 hours into my Germany trip), I have quite a list of things I like….and things I don’t like.

I like British Airways First Class seats. Nuff said.

I don’t like TSA. Luggage delayed. Luggage lost. Luggage found. Luggage delayed again. Luggage FINALLY delivered.

I like Ken Glah

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On the Road Again

Well, it’d been a while. This past weekend, I was on the road again. As my race would show….it’d been a while and I was a bit rusty, but in all…..I’ll take it.

I left Wednesday morning for Indianapolis. Packed up and ready to go.

DaveyG was on vacation with his family in the Outer Banks

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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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