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AFLAC Irongirl

Triathlete pays tribute in Iron Girl finish Check out the link above!

What a great day in Columbia! Rob Vigorito and the folks at TriColumbia never disappoint. With over 2,000 women racing, many of whom were first timers, the Alfac Irongirl Columbia race went off without a hitch! It was a perfect day, a great, and challenging course, and it was truly inspirational to witness the enthusiasm of the entire field; especially the first timers. It was a healthy reminder of why we get into this crazy sport to begin with.

The Blais’s were in the house as well. I just adore BlazeMom and BlazeDad! Their determination and dedication, carrying on Jon’s memory thru the Blazeman Foundation for ALS, is a lesson to any athlete! I learned only later that Saturday would have been Jon’s 37th birthday...... a fellow Virgo!!

Home now, and back to work. Kona is in the air!!! It’s time!


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Belly Ache

No, no….I am perfectly healthy, thank goodness (finally, after a nasty cold this last week!). But my belly aches from laughing so hard. That’s a good problem, I think.

I am not proud to admit, but I am totally hooked on the new ABC series Wipeout. I am sure the powers that be at Choate, Stanford and Wharton would cringe to hear me say that. I should probably be watching something far more educational and intellectual on the Discovery Channel or something, but Wipeout is absolutely, flat out, high quality television.

We TIVO it and watched about 4 episodes back to back the other night. I was crying I was laughing so hard. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. You will not be disappointed!!

In other news, training is back in full swing getting ready for Kona, now not so far on the horizon. Up first, though, Timberman 70.3 in just over a week’s time! It’s a ridiculously fast field, but it will be good to get out in race in my own back yard (well....relatively speaking anyway!)

Also, who’s not excited for the Olympics to start tomorrow night!! Can’t WAIT to check out every minute of the action I can!!


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Busy, busy, busy......

Life since my debacle at IM-Austria has been a bit of a whirlwind.

Less than 36 hours after I got home from Austria, I was back to Logan Airport with Dave to fly to North Carolina for the tail end of a "Griesbauer family vacation". These are truly epic "vacations" gazillions in attendance and

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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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