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Moms and Dads are the BEST!

Aren’t moms and dads the best? I mean, seriously….just THE BEST? For starters, during your formative years, they keep a roof over your head when there are certainly probably times they would otherwise like to throw you out on your ear. They feed you even when you whine and complain about how

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Chilling at "LJ"

Aloha from my temporary "home". That would be Lava Java on the Alii Drive in Kona! I got booted out of my hotel this morning (not really booted, but in accordance with check out policies, I decided not to squat in my hotel room and make a nuisance of myself) and can’t check into my condo until 4, so I am perched here at "the" hangout spot on Alii. It is still pretty quiet and calm in town, so I am getting my fill of this place now, as during race week, this place is a zoo and I rather prefer to avoid it. I have "pre-checked in" at my condo, which the nice check in lady assured me would bump my condo up in priority for the housekeeping staff. Since the occupying party checked out at 10:30 and here it is 1:30, I can see I am right up there on the old priority list. I may get into my condo at 3:55, even! A whole 5 minutes ahead of check in time! Love being top priority!!!

Getting settled here in Kona, and am adjusting to the heat and feeling better every day.

Jet lag is still KILLING me. I woke up this morning at 3:45 AM, and for the life of me, could not go back to sleep. I made myself stay in bed until 6:30 pretending to sleep….but it was all pretend.

My goal tonight is to make it to 8PM. So far…my "record" is 7:45. Aim high, Deed!


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Long Day!

I was up today at 4:30 to get in a run before my flight. I would simply go bonkers strapped into a tin can for hours on end if I hadn’t gotten some light training in first.

Now in LAX for FREAKING 7 hours. BRUTAL. I made the most of the time, taking a cab to the LAAC for a swim. What a beautiful pool.

Back to the airport with still just under 4 hours to burn. So what better to do than check into the Admiral’s Club (thanks, Dave) and chill. CNN on in the background....will the bail out plan get passed?

Even better entertainment; Forrest Whitaker is sitting about 15 feet away from me. I am such a sucker for the stars. I am trying to play it cool and not totally fixate on him (though he did just chow down a Panini and washed it down with some of the free cookies they have out (clearly he’s not on ’the unhappy diet’).

He’s got some traveling companions, and I swear he just leaned over and said to one of them "Hey, isn’t that Dede Griesbauer over there?" NOT!!

Very cool travel distraction!!!

As an aside, Happy Birthday to JJ on Sunday. Eat carrot cake to your heart’s content!


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Remember Who’s Got Your Back!

Well, this is certainly a busy time of year! Lots and lots and lots of training. And when there’s not training, there’s eating and sleeping. And when there’s not eating, sleeping or training, every once in a while, I pretend to be a "normal" person, a good wife and a responsible pet-parent.


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Persistence. Determination. Love. The Journey!

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